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University Bachelor of Technology (BUT)

  • Management Business Marketing Logistics

    BUT Social Careers

    • Aix-en-Provence

    Sustainable Cities and Territories pathway

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    BUT Management of Organisations

    • Site of Digne

    Project and organizational management course

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    BUT Business Organisation & Management

    • Aix, Marseille, Gap site
    • Accounting, Tax and Financial Management course
    • Human Resources Management and Steering Course
    • Entrepreneurship and Activity Management course
    • Management Control and Performance Management
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    BUT Logistics and Transport

    • Aix site
    • Connected mobility and supply chain course
    • Sustainable mobility and supply chain course
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    BUT Marketing and Sales Techniques

    • Aix and Marseille site
    • Digital marketing, e-business and entrepreneurship course
    • International Business: Purchasing and Sales
    • Marketing and Management of the Point of Sale
    • Business Development and Customer Relationship Management
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  • Electronics IT Systems Mechanics Physics

    BUT Electrical Engineering and Control

    • Site of Marseille and Salon
    • Electronics and Embedded Systems
    • Electricity and Energy Management
    • Automatism and Industrial Computing course
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    BUT Mechanical Engineering and Production

    • Aix site
    • Innovation for industry course
    • Digital simulation and virtual reality course
    • Sustainable Design and Production
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    BUT Computing

    • Aix and Arles site
    • Application development course: design, development, validation
    • Development of communicating and secure applications course
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    BUT Physics Engineering

    • Marseille site
    • Instrumentation Techniques course
    • Materials and Physicochemical Controls course
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    BUT Telecommunications and Network Engineering

    • Marseille site

    Cybersecurity course

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  • Book trade Multimedia

    BUT Book Trade and Heritage Professions

    • Aix site

    Book and heritage professions course

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    BUT Digital Creation

    • Arles site

    Digital creation course

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  • Safety Energy Planning Building

    BUT Civil Engineering

    • Marseille site

    Construction course

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    BUT Energy Engineering

    • Marseille site
    • Energy Optimization for Building and Industry
    • Energy installation for buildings and industry course
    • Course in the operation of energy installations for buildings and industry
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    BUT Health, Safety and Environment

    • Site of La Ciotat

    Hazard Science and Management of Professional Technological and Environmental Risks course

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  • Chemistry Biology Process Engineering Health

    BUT Chemistry

    • Marseille site

    Analysis, quality control and environment course

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    BUT Biological Engineering

    • Site of Digne
    • Agronomy course
    • Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnologies
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    BUT Chemical and Process Engineering

    • Marseille site
    • Process control, management and optimization course
    • Process design and technological innovation course
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Since the beginning of the school year in September 2021, all the IUTs in France have been offering their new university diploma in the continuity of the new baccalaureate: the University Bachelor of Technology (BUT). This is a three-year degree that replaces the DUT. With a BUT, students obtain a Bachelor's degree, recognized at the European level (180 ECTS), which allows them to enter a Master's degree or to go to work. Like the DUT, the BUT is a technological training of specialties that combines university and professional teaching within courses.

Organization of studies

The classes are made up of 50 to 100 students: all together for the lectures, in groups for the tutorials and practical work.

Assessments are based on continuous assessment of knowledge, and obtaining the University Technological Bachelor's degree (BUT) requires the completion of 6 semesters which represent 180 ECTS, 2000 hours of courses for secondary specialties, and 1800 hours of courses for tertiary specialties. At the end of the 2 years or 120 ECTS, the DUT is automatically awarded.

Which BUT to choose?

The 18 specialties of the University Technological Bachelor's degree (BUT) at the IUT of Aix-Marseille are flexible and modular based on the acquisition of skill levels. The national programs make it possible to welcome both general and technological baccalaureate students in the first year and to lead all students towards a professional integration objective in 3 or 5 years. The local adaptation of 30% of the courses allows the degree to be very competitive in the local economic environment.

What are you doing after high school? Come and discover your job among more than 400 test jobs!

At the IUT of Aix-Marseille, courses prepare students for a large number of professions. To find your training, you must be able to project yourself onto a career that corresponds to your personality. This test focuses on the tastes, abilities and character of each individual. It does not exempt you from seeking advice from guidance professionals!


Professionalization is the priority at BUT, which devotes 1/3 of its teaching to this in three years: professional exposure through the 600-hour tutored project, company games, 6-month internship, work-study program and exchanges with visiting professionals (25% of teachers) or tutors.

The student chooses his or her status: initial training (full-time) or alternating training (apprenticeship or professional contract) with 20% fewer classes. The work-study program can be carried out for part or all of the curriculum but is not systematic.

International mobility

International mobility is an integral part of the training program for those who wish to do so for one or two semesters, or as an initial training course. The IUT of Aix-Marseille offers courses in English and 25 destinations worldwide!

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