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Objectives of the training

The goal of the Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing (GEII) program is to train, in 3 years, middle managers capable of meeting the challenges of new technologies in areas such as renewable energy, the city and industry of the future, home automation, smart and connected networks, embedded systems in aeronautics (aircraft of the future), the automobile (autonomous vehicles), robotics (mechatronics).

The GEII goal is focused on innovation and technological development. Its ambition is to train the actors of tomorrow's world by transmitting knowledge and developing skills in all GEII fields. With a versatile diploma with a strong common core, students can choose a progressive specialization from the second year onwards in order to have a coloration in the future path of their choice in adequacy with their professional insertion or further studies.

This training is offered on 2 sites:

BUT GEII Marseille

  • Marseille site

Electronics and Embedded Systems (ESE)

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BUT GEII Salon de Provence

  • Site of Salon de Provence
  • Automatism and Industrial Computing (AII)
  • Electricity and Energy Management (EME)
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