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Presentation of Aix-Marseille Institute of Technology


Lionel Nicod

For the past three years, the Aix-Marseille IUT has mobilized all the energy of its teams to deploy a new training program: the University Bachelor of Technology (BUT). To be offered at the start of the 2021 academic year in all the IUTs in France, this professional diploma with a 3-year degree favors a skills-based approach and uses an innovative teaching method tested during the health crisis.

The number and quality of applications received, as well as the efficient organization of the first year of the BUT, attest to this successful transformation. Thanks to this new impetus, even more companies have entrusted the Aix-Marseille IUT with the training of their employees and we are proud today to count 1500 apprenticeship students among our workforce, i.e. nearly one student out of three!

First-year BUT students can attest to this: the new architecture of this 3-year degree is more in line with their expectations in terms of professional integration or further studies.

The deployment of the BUT is therefore continuing in a very positive direction. The start of the 2022 academic year will be marked by the application of the BUT programs, which begin in the 2nd year, while the start of the 2023 academic year will see the integration of most of our professional licenses into the BUT.
The Aix-Marseille IUT has been strengthened by this profound transformation of its training offer and will continue to place students and their success at the heart of its mission.

Lionel Nicod, Director of the Aix-Marseille IUT










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Proximity and training offer: an IUT site and BUT specialties near you.

Present throughout France, the IUT is located in 7 cities of the Aix-Marseille Academy on 11 different sites.

With its 18 University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) specialties and their 33 courses, the Aix-Marseille IUT offers a large part of the national IUT training program. In addition, there are 44 professional licenses, 14 university diplomas and 2 CQPs designed to meet the needs of companies and regions.

  • Professional university degrees

    The IUT of Aix-Marseille offers degrees in initial training, in alternating courses (apprenticeship or professionalization contract) and in continuing education:

    • University Bachelor of Technology (BUT): bac +3
    • University Diploma of Technology (DUT): bac +2
    • Professional degree: bac +3
    • University Diploma or Diploma of Advanced University Studies (DU and DESU)

    Please note: the Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie (DUT) has been replaced by the Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie (BUT) in September 2021. However, the DUT will continue to be issued at the student's request at the end of the 2nd year of the BUT.

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  • Pedagogy for success

    IUT studies provide a foundation of academic knowledge that allows students to pursue their studies, and technological skills that prepare them for a career. From the lecture hall to the laboratory, the teaching and professional applications are very varied. Local supervision is the added value of IUTs: the student-teacher ratio (number of students per teacher) is the highest of all French public service higher education programs! This is an opportunity to provide personalized support for success.

  • The department is at the heart of the organisation

    Each teaching department constitutes an autonomous pedagogical entity organized around the BUT which offers complementary degrees such as the DUT, professional licenses, university degrees, and any other specific training action. This organization makes it possible to ensure that each student receives the appropriate support according to his or her needs: whether it be in the context of the teaching, which is most often given in small groups; or in the organization of the life of the department, which allows the teachers and the pedagogical secretaries to maintain a permanent dialogue with their students. The IUT is organized into 23 departments that offer 18 GOALS and 43 professional licenses divided into 5 areas.

  • Study programs for all types of public

    After high school, study in initial training

    for young people looking for a professional training at Bac + 3 level which allows direct professional integration or further studies

    for general baccalaureate and technological baccalaureate students, who make up the majority of the first-year BUT classes and who see the courses offered by the IUT as the logical continuation of their high school studies.

    After high school, study in a work-study program

    At the Aix-Marseille IUT, one student in five is an apprentice. Work-study is a teaching method appreciated by students who wish to achieve the demanding challenge of a double academic and professional success by combining studies and professional experience, with financial autonomy.

    All the BUT programs allow students to study in alternation. Some programs offer the entire curriculum as a work-study program, others offer one or two years. The year of the diploma must be included in the work-study contract.

    Already studying, changing direction

    During your first year of study, it is not too late to change direction! Not very comfortable with their post-bac choices, interested in a new field of study or another type of teaching, many students want to change direction and take advantage of a second chance.

    After a Bac+2, choose a professional license

    With a BTS or L2, the professional license is the ideal professional diploma to acquire a recognized professional skill that is appreciated by employers: professional integration is 90% six months after graduation!

    Already employed, go back to school or retrain through continuing education

    By enabling professionals and people undergoing professional retraining to resume their studies, the Aix-Marseille IUT helps active people to adapt to changes in the world of work. Tomorrow's jobs do not yet exist: lifelong learning allows students to change their professional path and consider new careers.

    Already in the workplace, for further training

    Companies wishing to develop their employees appreciate integrated training solutions that lead to a diploma:

    with a Validation of Acquired Experience (V.A.E.) or a Validation of Professional Experience (V.A.P.) to have skills recognized by obtaining a diploma

    by obtaining a University Diploma (DU): to follow a professional training course for a few months to deepen one's technical skills or to bring a new skill

    or a Certificate of Professional Qualification (C.Q.P.): for professionals who want to adapt their professional skills to the changing work environment


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