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Teaching as a temporary employee or as an ATER


In the University Bachelor of Technology and Professional Bachelor's programs, 20% of the courses are taught by external guest lecturers who share and transmit their professional knowledge. What if it was you?

Are you a professional expert in one of the fields taught, and do you have the status of employee, company manager, self-employed or self-employed, teacher or postgraduate student?

Join our teams: you can be recruited at IUT as a temporary lecturer or temporary associate.

Recruitment conditions

Adjunct lecturers are engaged in a primary professional activity such as:

  • management of a company
  • a salaried activity in the private or public sector of at least 900 hours per year (or 300 hours of teaching)
  • a self-employed activity, provided that it is subject to the Territorial Economic Contribution or that the person concerned can justify having obtained regular means of subsistence from the exercise of his/her profession for at least three years

The temporary attachés (ATER) are :

  • students enrolled in a doctoral program (3rd cycle). Only doctoral students under 28 years of age WITHOUT FUNDING and CIFRE contractual doctoral students can carry out temporary teaching assignments
  • Retirees, provided that they have been working outside the institution at the time of their retirement

Cannot be recruited:

Persons who do not have a main professional activity, job seekers, persons on CPA, parental leave, CRCT, delegation, availability, contract doctoral students, beneficiaries of a student contract.

Where to send your application?

Directly to the training departments, preferably in the spring for the following school year.

You have questions?