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  • Selective training 3 years - 180 ECTS
  • National registration fees: 170€*
  • Location: Marseille, Luminy site
  • International mobility
  • Customized course
  • Professionalization: internships and projects
  • Work-study program possible in the 3rd year - Corporate partnerships
  • Graduates' network
  • Number of students: 56, 2 groups of TD

*2021 fee for initial training. Exemption for scholarship holders and work-study students

The BUT (Bachelor of Technology) Réseaux et Télécommunications, Cybersecute;curité course (accessible from the 2nd year), trains to the métiers du numérique, in the fields:

  • Computer networks, internet
  • Cybersecurity
  • Informatics, web & mobile applications
  • Telecommunications networks, telephony, internet of things

This is a versatile course to give you time to refine your choice of direction.

The plus points:

  • Diplôme national, university, recognised by the état.
  • Grade L of the LMD system  : it is a professional licence, 180 ECTS.
  • International : internships possible à l étranger.
  • Further studies:

                          - Introduce an engineering school (50% of students)

                          - Intégrate the world of work

  • Excellence: university professors, professionals from the digital sector, agricultural professors.
  • Accessibility: tuition fees; 170 euros per year / 0 euros for scholarship holders.
  • Employability; : certifications CISCO, Stormshield, AWS.
  • The joy of conviviality; of teamwork in the exceptional setting of the Calanques National Park on the Luminy campus ( 
  • The BUT is open to general baccalaureate graduates (scientific speciality courses) and to STI2D baccalaureate graduates specialising in Information and Digital Systems (Notably via the AVOSTTI pathway - Polytech Marseille partnership)
  • How are the studies organized?

    The training programme follows a national framework called the NPP. It is made up of blocks of competences.

    • Administering networks and the Internet
    • Connecting businesses and users
    • Creating IT tools and applications for R&T
    • Cybersecurity

    The +:

    • Certifications offered during the course:

              Certifications CCNA, CISCO Certified Network Associate
              Certifications CCNP, CISCO Certified Network Professional
              Certification CSNA, Certified Stormshield Network Administrator
            TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication.

    • A quality work environment:

             2 network rooms (routers, switches, wifi terminals, firewall, ...)
          1 telephony room (PABX and IPBX, ADSL model, GPS, GSM, etc.)
                                                       1 fibre optic room
               3 system administration rooms 
             4 computer rooms, 2 of which are self-service (1 workstation per student, 17 network workstations with unlimited internet access)

    • Securing supervision:

           Teachers available

            Mandatory attendance          

            Continuous monitoring      

           50% work experience with 600h of tutored projects and 22 à 26 weeks of internship.       

    • Customised courses:

            Internships / semesters à international.        

           Third year of the GOAL possible by alternation.          

           If the student wishes: possibility of entering an engineering school at the end of the second year of the BUT

    The pedagogy implemented favours the reinforcement of theoretical knowledge through practical work and tutored projects. The control of knowledge is continuous.

  • Internships, work-study and supervised projects

    600h of tutored projects and 22-26 weeks of internship (France or international)

  • Alternance

    En BUT R&T, l'alternance est privilégiée en 3ème année.

    Consultez le calendrier d'alternance (bientôt en ligne dans la rubrique info pratique ci-dessous)

    L'alternance en BUT R&T
      BUT 1, 2 et 3 BUT 2 et 3 BUT 3
    Parcours CYBER non non   contrat 1 an        
  • International mobility

    Possibility to do 1 or 2 semesters abroad.

  • Certifications
    • Certifications offered during the course:

              Certifications CCNA, CISCO Certified Network Associate
              Certifications CCNP, CISCO Certified Network Professional
              Certification CSNA, Certified Stormshield Network Administrator
            TOEIC, Test of English for International Communication.

Cybersecurity course

  • Skills

    • Networks: internet architecture, LAN, WAN, WIFI, IPv4, IPv6, QoS, security, introduction to cloud, virtualisation. (2 rooms
    with switches, routers, firewall).
    • Computer science for R&T: Python, Linux and Windows, systems and services administration (Bash, Powershell), Android mobile applications
    applications, Cordova, web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), databases (SQL). (7 dedicated rooms, 2 of which are self-service).
    • Telecommunications: ToIP, mobile telephony (3G, 4G, 5G), fibre optics, satellites, antennas, VPN/MPLS, security (3
    • Cybersecurity: Firewalls, VPN, cryptography, supervision, penetration tests (pentest, forensic), crisis management.

  • Materials

  • Trades

  • Further studies

    At least 50% of the students will continue their studies in engineering colleges(possibility of integration after 2 years of BUT) or masters:

    • ENSEEIHT (Filière sciences du numérique)
    • Institut Mines Télécoms : Télécoms Lille, Mines d'Alès, Télécoms Paris
    • ESISAR
    • UTC Compiègnes, UTT Troyes
    • POLYTECH bucket
    • Master Kedge, chargé d'affaires
    • Master professional Réseaux (Aix-Marseille Université, Saclay, Valenciennes ...).

    For graduates who want to start their working life, it will be easy because the digital sector is booming. 

    The field of computer networks:

    • Installer/administrator of computer networks (Bac+2/3).
    • Systems, network and cloud administrator (Bac+3), DevOps (Bac+3/5).
    • Manager of computer/server assets (Bac+2/3), Administrator in a data center (Bac+3/5).
    • Network architect (bac+5).

    Cybersecurity third party: see

    • Security Solutions Administrator.
    • Security Operation Center (SOC) Analyst

    Telecommunications field:

    • Installer/administrator of telecommunications networks (optical fibre, 4G/5G) (Bac+2/3).
    • Installer/administrator in telephony (Bac+2/3).

    Information technology field:

    • Mobile application developer on iOS or Android.

    About the field

    • Developer / Database Administrator, enterprise data management (bac+5).
    • They are the most important ones.

    After a technical-commercial specialization:

    • Technico-commercial (bac+3), pre-sales manager, business manager (bac+5)


Parcoursup : IUT Aix-Marseille - Site de Marseille Luminy : BUT - Production - Réseaux et télécommunications - Site de Luminy

• To know the selection criteria of the candidates on Parcoursup, consult the recruitment report of the previous year for R and T

Profile of the candidates

  • Titulars of the baccalaureate général, speciality teachings;: Maths, Numerics and Computer Science, Physics and Chemistry, Engineering Sciences, other specialities may be taken into account on a case by case basis.
  • Titulars of the bac STI2D - Systèmes Informatique et Numerique

         see also below the AVOSTTI project in partnership with Polytech Marseille.

  • Beneficiaries of a Validation des Acquis de l'Expérience (VAE). Contact the continuing education department.
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