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  • Selective training 3 years - 180 ECTS
  • National registration fees : 170€*
  • Location : Digne-les-Bains
  • International mobility
  • Customized course
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The teaching of the University Bachelor of Technology (BUT) in Biological Engineering, a diploma of Bac+3, is intended to train, in three years, full-time, senior technicians with a broad spectrum of knowledge and skills in biology enabling them to find a job and pursue their studies in various sectors: agricultural, agronomic, agri-food, biotechnological, environmental. This BUT attaches great importance to basic scientific education allowing the acquisition of fundamental knowledge that will facilitate the career development of the graduates and to specialised applied education, anchored in professional practice, providing solid know-how and skills.

The aim of this programme is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills in the fields of agriculture, agri-food, biotechnology and environment.

Two pathways are offered from the first year (choice to be made from the application on Parcoursup):

  • Agronomy (AGRO)
  • Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnologies (SEE)
  • Objectives of the Agronomy course

    This training enables students to carry out activities in the fields of agronomy and agriculture and to intervene in territorial development. The mission of the graduates is to manage the production of agricultural resources (food and non-food) and to improve the techniques and methods in a sustainable way. They are able to integrate and evolve in all agricultural and para-agricultural sectors (vegetable and animal production, technical and economic advice, primary processing, marketing, etc.), in the upstream and downstream sectors, and in the agricultural sector.), in the upstream and downstream sectors of agriculture (agrochemical industry, selection, agri-supplies, research and/or development...) and in land use planning, taking into account the environmental context.

    Local adaptation

    At Digne-les-Bains, the courses reflect the local environment and the reality of the professional world and concern agroecology, sustainable production, pastoralism, arboriculture, aromatic and medicinal plants.

  • Objectives of the Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnologies program

    Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnologies Course

    This course enables students to carry out activities in the fields of the protection and management of ecosystems, the prevention, characterisation and treatment of pollution, and the implementation of the circular economy.• the physico-chemistry and biology of the environments: air, water and soil pollution and waste management
    • analysis of living systems and their interactions with natural or modified environments: urban, industrial or rural ecosystems

    Local adaptation

    Prevention and management of environments, prevention and treatment of pollution, in particular water treatment, environmental rehabilitation actions.

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  • How are the studies organized?

    The BUT Biological Engineering includes 2000 hours of teaching spread over 6 semesters (3 years). A regular personal work will have to be done. During the 3 years of BUT, students will do 26 weeks of internships. The teaching is given in the form of lectures, tutorials and, above all, practical work. Numerous field trips are organised.

  • Internships, work-study and supervised projects

    Over the course of the 3-year BUT, students will complete 26 weeks of internships and have many professional applications.

  • Alternance

     En BUT GB, l'alternance est possible mais facultative en 3ème année. Le rythme de l'alternance est de 3 semaines / 3semaines de mi-octobre à mi-février, puis totalement en entreprise.

    Consultez le calendrier de l'alternance dans la rubrique info pratique en bas de cette page.

    L'alternance du BUT GB
      BUT1, 2 et 3 BUT 2 et 3 BUT 3
    Parcours AGRO non non possible : contrat 1 an
    Parcours SEE non non possible : contrat 1 an


  • International mobility

    One semester can be spent in Scotland or Ireland. The ECTS acquired are validated within the framework of the BUT through the bilateral ERASMUS contract with the IUT. The number of places is limited and the selection criteria are strict.

  • Certifications

    Certification :

    • PIX
    • TOEIC
    • Voltaire

Agronomy course

  • Skills

    The following skills, common to all the courses of the BUT Biological Engineering, will be acquired:

    • Run analyses in the fields of biology
    • Experience in biological engineering

    The Agronomy Pathway enables the acquisition of these specific skills:

    • Managing agricultural production
    • Advising the agricultural sector
    • Innovating in agriculture
  • Materials

  • Trades

  • Further studies

    • Professional diploma in GIS Management at the IUT site of Digne-les-Bains
    • University master's degree
    • Agricultural engineering schools: specific competition for the BUT at the end of the 2nd and 3rd year
    • Veterinary schools: specific competition for the BUT at the end of the 2nd and 3rd year

Environmental Sciences and Ecotechnologies (SEE)


The selection is made on the basis of the academic record of the first and last year of school (grades and teacher's appraisals).

Profile of the candidates

  • Strong motivation for agronomic sciences and agriculture (AGRO course)
  • Strong motivation for the environment and biology (SEE course)
  • Solid professional project
  • Bachelor's degree in general education. Recommended fields of study:
    • Biology-ecology
    • Math
    • Physics-Chemistry
  • Baccalaureate holders in technological education STAV, STL and ST2S
  • Students in reorientation
Field trips in Biological Engineering BUT with Agronomy option
Field trips in Biological Engineering BUT with Agronomy option
Field trips in Biological Engineering BUT with Agronomy option


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Head of Department
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Director of Studies 1st year
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Director of the Agronomy course
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Pedagogical secretary
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Pedagogical secretary


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