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The Shell Eco-marathon is an annual worldwide automobile competition organized by the Shell oil company, the aim of which is to cover the longest distance on one liter of fuel. There are three races: in Europe, in Asia and on the American continent.

It is a unique competition that challenges students to design, build and drive the most fuel efficient vehicles possible. The vehicles used are prototypes developed in school or university structures.

The event brings together more than 200 teams and 3,000 students from all over Europe who unite for energy efficiency.

The participants have to cover a given distance in a limited time, after which their consumption is measured. The ranking is established according to the amount of fuel consumed, and is given in kilometers for the energy equivalent of one liter of super unleaded 95.

The vehicles are divided into several classes: prototypes and " urban concepts".

The association "Shell Marathon" of the IUT of Aix-Marseille aims at gathering the students and the teachers of the IUT of Aix-en-Provence who propose to conceive and realize a vehicle in conformity with the rules of the Shell Eco-Marathon in the objective to participate in this race. This collaborative university work, transverse to several departments, allows to realize and to develop an experimental vehicle with low consumption and low environmental impact in view of an international competition. The whole of the interactors of this project is part of the association " Marathon Shell ", association law 1901, with nonlucrative goal.

The framers

  • Mechanical and Production Engineering Department: Jérôme Bachmann, François Kuss, Mathieu Rossat, Florent Bouderlique and Cécile Saidi
  • Department of Business and Administration Management : Ludovic Mariani
  • Department of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing: Bernard Duran and Katell Berest
  • Department of Marketing Techniques - Aix : Françoise Bouffard

The car is named Calisson II in reference to the traditional cake of the Aix region. The technical characteristics of the car are as follows:

  • Single-cylinder engine 25 cm3
  • Electronic injection
  • Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Honeycomb carbon sandwich chassis
  • Monolithic carbon bodywork
  • Weight : 30 kg

In our category, in general about sixty teams are registered with teams coming from all over Europe, from Finland to Morocco, from Turkey to Portugal. The circuit is of an excellent quality: 1420 meters of a freshly traced track, an excellent grip, technical difficulties perfectly identified by all the teams. There are 4 trials per team; each trial includes 10 laps of the circuit. The time allowed for the whole race is 39 minutes maximum. The best of the four performances is retained for the general classification and the team whose vehicle consumes the least fuel wins the competition in its category.


Prototypesare special cars, with little or no resemblance to the cars we know. The regulations are more free concerning their design. The current car is part of this category.

Urban Concept

Urban Concepts should look as much like city cars as possible, which is why the regulations are more restrictive but more realistic.

Le U-calisson est en cours de réalisation, il pourra concourir très prochainement...

The exemplary students have demonstrated by their pugnacity that the IUT of Aix-Marseille is one of the leading establishments in this European competition, and could compete with the best in the world. This marvelous adventure would not be possible without the indispensable support of the IUT, the University and the team sponsors. The Calisson II is a tool to federate energies which carries high the values of teamwork and solidarity. This event consecrates those of the ecology and the sustainable development with an exemplary credibility.

Partenaires Eco-Marathon Shell.png

The association has acquired a new car named "U-Calisson" which allows to compete in an additional category. Two cars, twice the chance to make the IUT shine! It is like a gift for the 25th anniversary of the participation in the race of the IUT of Aix Marseille team.

Oriane Guimbal, étudiante GMP Aix, en première page du site du Shell Eco-Marathon


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