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A breath of fresh air that feels good!

The hiking sports activity, set up in 2021 following the COVID measures, was such a success that the SUAPS decided to renew the experience for the IUT of Digne-les-Bains. Thus, after a first hike on September 25 around the Facibelle blade, about twenty students from the IUT (all departments and years), accompanied by Mr. Lantelme and Mrs. Chalando met on Saturday, November 6 to discover the Cucuyon peak. The route starts at the Archail step. It is about 11 km long with a positive difference in altitude of 900 meters, and it was done under a great sun despite the rather cool temperatures. As they climbed, the students were able to observe the trees and mushrooms. Thus they discovered small grey, wolf vetch, yellow boletus and other unknown mushrooms. At noon, it was time for a lunch break in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere: while some rested, others played tag.

The efforts made to climb up to the Peak, located at almost 2000 meters of altitude, allowed them to have an unobstructed view of the surrounding snow-covered mountains. The return trip to Digne took place at about 4:30 pm.

Other hikes are planned until the end of the school year, to the delight of the students and their teachers.

A new breath of fresh air that did a lot of good!

Article written by Enola Bouvenot, communication delegate, GB AGRO

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