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Jar'Digne : the garden of the students in GB Agronomy

Jar'Digne is a pretty vegetable garden that grows within the IUT of Aix-Marseille in Digne-les-Bains. Created and maintained by a group of 5 students in the framework of a tutored project of BUT Biological Engineering, Agronomy course, this small piece of nature is used to experiment a mode of agriculture still little used which is the permaculture. The principle of permaculture is to stay as close as possible to nature by associating several crops, a pond or flower strips, and to cultivate without the use of synthetic chemical elements or techniques that could harm biodiversity. All IUT users, students and staff, can freely dispose of the garden's products for their own consumption. A greenhouse was recently installed in the framework of a partnership with the association Pan'IUT, beneficiary of the FSDIE of AMU, which proposes baskets of fruits and vegetables at the price of 1 € for the students of Dignogne. It is quite naturally that Jar'Digne has committed to produce aromatic plants in the greenhouse, for the student baskets!

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