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Management, Business, Marketing, Logistics

Gestion, Commerce, Marketing, Logistique
  • BUT

    BUT Social Careers

    • Aix site

    Sustainable Cities and Territories pathway

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    BUT Management of Organisations

    • Site of Digne-les-Bains

    Project and organizational management course

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    BUT Business Organisation & Management

    • Aix, Marseille, Gap site
    • Accounting, Tax and Financial Management course
    • Human Resources Management and Steering Course
    • Entrepreneurship and Activity Management course
    • Management Control and Performance Management
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    BUT Logistics and Transport

    • Aix site
    • Connected mobility and supply chain course
    • Sustainable mobility and supply chain course
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    BUT Marketing and Sales Techniques

    • Aix and Marseille site
    • Digital marketing, e-business and entrepreneurship course
    • International Business: Purchasing and Sales
    • Marketing and Management of the Point of Sale
    • Business Development and Customer Relationship Management
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  • DESU

    DESU Logistics Operations Management

    • Aix site
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