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Store 4.0 Opening

The IUT of Aix-Marseille had the pleasure to receive the President Éric BERTON as well as the President of FAMI (Fédération Aix-Marseille Interasso) Alexandre SIMEONI, to inaugurate the connected store 4.0, a pedagogical project supported by the A*Midex foundation and carried by the IUT of Aix-Marseille.

The inauguration of the connected store was an opportunity to sign a partnership agreement with FAMI, which will be moving into these premises in a few months, to open a solidarity grocery store.

The objective of this educational project is to create a pilot modular store of 150m² with a strong focus on new technologies. It offers new features such as connected lighting, drones, connected glasses, intelligent sensors and indoor communications, which will enable a real 4.0 customer experience.

For the past 3 years, more than 200 students and about 20 teachers and teacher-researchers have been working on this project whose objectives are to:

  • to use this store as an educational platform, with the use of new technologies and customer experience
  • to allow professionals to access this pilot platform
  • to allow researchers to benefit from a research platform to work on disciplinary and interdisciplinary projects.

This store was realized with the collaboration of 5 training departments of the IUT :

  • GEII Marseille and GEII Salon: Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

    - IoT electronics, indoor communication protocols and drones
  • MP Marseille: Physical Measurements

    - Smart sensors, VLC communication, LiFi, circadian lighting and indoor energy recovery
  • R&T Marseille: Networks and Telecommunications

    - Transmission, sensor networks, video and cameras
  • TC Marseille: Marketing Techniques

    - Customer experience, marketing, retail and communication

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