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OpenStreetMap Health Mapping Event


The objective of this cartoparties was to enrich the "free" database concerning the set of data related to health. From the phone number, the floor of a dentist's office, or the exact location of debrifilators or condom dispensers, all this information is now listed with OpenStreetMap and Mapcontrib on the commune of Digne. The visitors of this 1st exhibition of home automation in Digne, professionals related to the health sector or not, high school students, were invited to stop to map and enter all information in detail, helped by the students. The latter were largely contributors, from their photos and GPS readings of professionals' plates in the streets taken at the beginning of the morning. Several neighborhoods were exhaustively listed by the student groups.

The afternoon was closed after a round table "Free information on health services, all actors, all concerned" animated by the ADRET, and, where were invited representatives of the health sector, Madam the mayor of Digne, a representative of OpenStreetMap. At the same time, this day allowed to meet associated professionals and to discover the last innovations of home automation. Can we dare to think of a future for geomatics associated with home automation?

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