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Professional development of employees

  • Lifelong learning

    With continuing education, it is possible to resume studies regardless of your status: employee, job seeker, unemployed...

    All the courses offered by the IUT of Aix-Marseille are accessible in Continuing Education, the diploma prepared is the same as that prepared by students in initial training.

    Two classes of the DUT in Business and Administration Management, at the Marseille Saint-Jérôme site and the Aix-en-Provence site, are accessible exclusively through continuing education.

  • Validation of professional skills or experience

    Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

    For employees or unemployed people who wish to validate their professional experience and obtain all or part of a diploma without taking all the courses.

    Validation of Professional Experience (VAP)

    For people with professional experience (salaried or not), who have developed personal skills outside of any training system and wish to have them validated in order to access a higher level of training by obtaining a diploma exemption.

  • Professionalization contract

    In collaboration with the Epure Méditerranée inter-university CFA, the IUT of Aix-Marseille and the professional branches offer a large number of diploma courses through continuing education.

    For adults returning to school, the professionalization contract allows them to follow a work-study program, receive a salary and obtain a degree.

  • Certification of professional qualification

    The Certificate of Professional Qualification (CQP) provides employees or holders of Bac+2 with professional skills adapted to the evolution of their work environment.

    Intended audience :

    With a Bac + 2: the CQP allows BTS graduates to obtain additional training and additional and in-depth skills

    Already employed: for employees in the framework of continuing education to deepen their professional skills, acquire new expertise to adapt to changes in the profession, secure their career path and evolve professionally


  • Aix-en-Provence : @email / 04 13 94 65 03
  • Arles : @email / 04 13 55 21 63
  • Digne-les-Bains : @email / 04 13 55 15 07
  • Gap : @email / 04 13 94 48 49
  • La Ciotat : @email / 04 42 98 08 61
  • Marseille : @email / 04 13 94 65 03

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