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  • Selective training of 600 hours
  • Cost of the training :
    • Work-study program under a professionalization contract
    • Continuing education: qualifying training for employees in a professional evolution: contact the training manager
  • Location: Marseille, Saint-Jérôme site
  • Work-study - Company partnerships
  • Alumni Network

The Certificate of Professional Qualification (CQP) Manufacturing Operator of the Chemical Industries (OFIC) was created by the National Joint Employment Commission (CPNE) in 2011 and is recognized by all companies in the chemical industries branch.

More generally, the CQP system allows :

  • to recognize the skills of employees by issuing a professional certification corresponding to the job performed,
  • to acquire new skills through a training course,
  • build career paths,
  • to professionalize new recruits.

The department of Chemical and Process Engineering (GCGP) of the IUT of Aix-Marseille offers you a training course allowing you to present the CQP OFIC.

This course allows you to enter a process of :

  1. Pre-recruitment: to structure a training course of access to the trade of operator in complement of a diploma of initial formation (at least a baccalaureate in the present case).
  2. Development of skills if you are an employee: better mastery of the job by the employees, new skills required according to the evolution of the job...

The OFIC CQP validates the know-how acquired throughout a professional training course and certifies that an employee has the necessary skills to work as an outside operator. In this context, priority is given to professional practice.

  • How are the studies organized?

    The GCGP department offers you a course which is articulated around 600 hours of training given over 18 weeks in 1 year from February to January.

    During the training, you will be accompanied within the company by a tutor and 3 visits on sites will be realized with your IUT tutor.

  • What subjects are taught?

    The program was established based on the activities and competencies of the CQP OFIC.

  • For which skills?

    The program has been designed so that, in addition to learning the operator's job in the partner company in the field, the candidate masters the 7 skills of the OFIC CQP at the end of the training.

Since the opening of the CQP OFIC at the IUT of Aix-Marseille in 2017, all the candidates have obtained the CQP OFIC. They have all received an employment contract proposal or a career development proposal for employees. The 2021-22 promotion

This year 2021-2022, 2 promotions of the CQP have been set up:

  • 9 candidates have joined the first KEM ONE promotion
  • 14 candidates have joined the LYONDELLBASELL promotion

These collaborations allow the recruited alternating students to be trained to this job in tension, and also to the company to adapt the training to the installations, to the protocols and to the values of KEM ONE and LYONDELLBASELL companies.

Profile of the candidates

The CQP OFIC is intended for :

  • people with a technical, technological or scientific professional baccalaureate,
  • to company employees (with or without a baccalaureate) within the framework of the training plan, the professionalization period, the Personal Training Account (CPF) or the Individual Training Leave (CIF).

To date, several companies have trusted us:

  • ESSO

How to apply?

To apply, you must send a CV and a letter of motivation to Yvan Wyart, head of training at the following address: @email.


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