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  • Selective training of 487 hours
  • Cost of the training :
    • Work-study program under a professionalization contract
    • Continuing education: qualifying training for employees in a professional evolution: contact the training manager
  • Location: Marseille, Saint-Jérôme site
  • Work-study - Company partnerships
  • Alumni Network

Created by optics professionals for optics professionals, this Professional Qualification Certificate provides Bac+2 graduates with professional skills adapted to the evolution of their work environment in the field of visual health and associated technical skills, as well as in the commercial field, necessary for the practice as an optician.

For young people after a BTS, in addition to their training, to :

  • acquire complementary and in-depth skills on all the tasks assigned to the optician, whether in the context of health, technical or commercial activities
  • facilitate access to employment
  • benefit from a faster hierarchical progression

For employees in the context of continuing education to :

  • perfect their skills in visual health and in all aspects of the optician's profession
  • develop/improve their professional expertise
  • meet their obligation of Continuous Professional Development
  • acquire new skills to adapt to changes in the profession
  • secure your career path and evolve professionally
  • How are the studies organized?

    The number of hours of training is 487 hours over a school year. The CQP is built around a training program based on 4 compulsory modules and 4 optional modules to be chosen in 2 fields.

  • What subjects are taught?

    Required modules:

    • Module 1: Complex refraction (120 hours)
      • To perfect one's knowledge of refraction and to project oneself into complex eye examinations by taking into account all the components of vision
    • Module 2: Simple contactology (soft lenses) (90 hours)
      • Fitting soft lenses that are frequently renewed and giving the right advice to each lens-wearing client
    • Module 3: Customer relations (60 hours)
      • Project yourself in a more professional customer relationship, from the discovery of your needs to the anticipation and management of difficult cases
    • Module 4: Regulations (40 hours)
      • Master the regulations that apply to the Optician profession

    Optional modules :

    • Low vision (21 hours)
      • Project yourself in Low Vision, a vector of professionalism, differentiation and additional sales
    • Child Vision (21 hours)
      • Becoming a key professional for children: from prevention to interaction in the 3 "O" chain
    • Vision of the elderly (21 hours)
      • Become an actor in visual prevention for seniors and adapt your practice to their specificities
    • Advanced contactology (60 hours)
      • Become a true specialist in contactology by mastering the adaptation of traditional and rigid lenses
    • Health prevention (60 hours)
      • To be an actor in visual prevention and to perfect the orientation of one's clients in the care process
    • Consulting/operational management (60 hours)
      • Strengthen your commercial expertise at the point of sale, perfect your sales techniques to better advise your customers

    (4 modules to choose from: 2 modules among the 3 modules of 21h and 2 modules among the 3 modules of 60h)

  • For what skills?

    Based on the National Collective Agreement of the Optics-Retail Eyewear, the definition of an Optician Actor of visual health is :

    Optician, with a thorough training of visual health, scientific, technical, commercial and regulatory skills validated by a CQP Specialized Optician, who performs duties involving knowledge of all tasks devolved to the exercise of the profession of optician.

This post-BTS professional certification was designed by the profession to meet the changing needs of the profession and companies, and guarantees easier access to employment: 72% of holders of an optical CQP have received a job offer. It is a real career gas pedal.

Profile of the candidates

The CQP is exclusively intended for people who hold one of the titles or diplomas allowing the legal practice of the profession of optician-monitor. The CQP is intended in particular :

  • young people under a professionalization contract,
  • employees within the framework of the training plan, the professionalization period, the Personal Training Account (CPF) or the Individual Training Leave (CIF).

How to apply?

Young graduates wishing to complete their training simply need to register with an accredited training center and find an employer who will formalize a professionalization contract. For those already working, this training can be deployed according to the terms and conditions in force in each of the following schemes: professionalization period, Personal Training Account (PTA), Individual Training Leave (ITL), etc. The training is financed by the industry's training funds (FORCO). The salary is paid by the employer.

Applications are selected on the basis of a file and an individual interview. To apply, send an email to Eric Lazarides, @email


Address : 142 traverse Charles Susini - 13013 Marseille


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