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Professional degree in cartography, topography and geographic information systems #Geomatics for the environment, tourism and mountain development (GIS)

  • Selective training 1 year level L3 - 60 ECTS
  • Cost of the training :
    • Alternating apprenticeship contract: free for the employee
    • Alternating work experience contract: 8775 €.
    • Continuing education: 11700 €.
  • Location: Digne-les-Bains
  • International mobility: internship in spring
  • Professionalization: Work-study program - Company partnerships
  • Graduates' network
  • Number of students: 18

*2021 fee for initial training. Exemption for scholarship holders and work-study students

This professional degree aims to train cartographers specialised in the environment, rural areas or mountains. At the crossroads of geography and computer science, the geographer exploits all the data related to a geographical area. He/she intervenes in all sectors that need data representation and spatial analysis: urban planning, environment, transport, energy, marketing, tourism.

This essentially technical training introduces students to a wide range of computer tools, such as ArcGis, QGis, GRASS, Geoconcept, Illustrator, Inkscape, Autocad, PostGis, Wamp, Modalisa, the MySQL and Python languages and other free or open source tools. The acquisition of general and theoretical knowledge is based on concrete case studies (landscape, risk and climate studies, etc.) with references to current public policies, data law - INSPIRE directive, etc. The course includes several outings to meet territories, landscapes, public and professional actors. The geomatician will learn how to find his or her way in the mid-range mountains, to carry out GPS surveys, to extract from the terrain all relevant information to be analysed and mapped.

  • How are the studies organized?
    • The Professional Licence is organised in a skills-based approach. It is accessible by alternation only: professionalization contract, apprenticeship contract, VAE and Continuing Education. The educational programme is 450 hours of classes for alternating students.
    • The search for a work-study contract is the responsibility of the candidate. The pedagogical secretariat has a list of work-study offers.
    • In continuing education, the alternation is not mandatory but replaced by a tutor project (equivalent to 150h) during the periods in the company, and by an internship of a minimum duration of 12 weeks from 1 April.
    • The LP SIG is small in number (18 students), with a strong heterogeneity of profiles.  The mutual aid is strong, a diversity that favours changes, a specificity between each of these future technicians geacute;omaticians.
    • Rhythm of alternation: 3 short periods in the company of 3 weeks with 4 weeks at the IUT, and from mid-March onwards in continuous training.
  • Internships, work-study and supervised projects
    • Tutorial projects carried out between September and March by groups of students monitored by teachers, in response to a concrete professional demand from local actors: experimentation and application of lessons. Thesis and oral defense.
    • The teachings are based on real GIS databases, on case studies in land use planning, in environment. All courses are oriented on techniques and methods of expertise in geomatics, data collection, projects.
  • International mobility

    Work experience abroad during higher education is no longer available for continuing education, it is now possible to go on an internship as an apprentice.

    The apprentice or employee on a professionalisation contract can carry out part of their contract abroad. For periods of mobility, the company has the possibility of "putting the work-study student's employment contract on hold" for a limited and predetermined period corresponding to the duration of his or her training within a partner company or university or a host organisation located abroad.

  • Certifications

    Certification in English

Geomatics for the environment, tourism and mountain development

  • Skills

    The Professional Licence is organised in a competence-based approach. At the end of this Professional Licence, graduates will be competent to:

    The Professional Licence is organised in a competency-based approach.

    • Identify socio-economic and environmental issues in rural or mountain territories
    • Communicate geographical data once collected, structured and represented, for one actor, or several actors
    • Developing plans and maps of action
    • Conduct surveys to identify the needs and issues of the territory
    • Identify risks and tourist activities in the mountains
    • Processing and analysing geographical information with IT tools
  • Materials

  • Trades

  • Further studies


See you from the end of February, on the portal e-candidat

Deadline for submission of complete application:  31 May

It is advisable to have found a work-study programme at the time of registration. Mention your work-study tracks in the application letter.

The LP SIG teaching office regularly receives work-study offers from the month of May. It is important to contact him, to call him directly (04 13 55 15 04) to find out about the current offers and to contact the companies. The search for a work placement is the responsibility of the student.

Profile of the candidates

The selection of candidates is made on the basis of applications from holders of a technical or scientific BAC+2 or equivalent level recognised by the Commission de Validation des Acquis. Particularly suitable profiles are graduates of technical or scientific Bac + 2 and certain humanities fields:

The selection of candidates is based on a file of holders of technical or scientific Bac + 2 or equivalent level recognised by the Validation of Acquired Skills Commission.

  • Licence 2 : G&egraphy, SM, SVT, STU, MIASS, Computer Science, Sociology
  • DUT/BUT: Biological engineering, Civil engineering, HSE, Computer statistics, Statistics
  • BTS sectors Water management, Forestry management, GPN, Environment, Planning, Agriculture, Computer science, Topography

All profiles from Bac+2 onwards can be accepted. Your application must mention a strong interest in computer science, data processing and general management. Do not forget to mention your experience with GIS software, etc.

No GIS background is expected. Beginners are welcome!

GIS Professional License
GIS Professional License


Contact à ajouter
Director of Studies
Contact à ajouter
Pedagogical secretary


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