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More and more of our partners at the Forum des Projets Tutorés!

In the second year, students devote 200 hours of work to the tutored project: partner companies offer to carry out assignments within the framework of specifications to teams of 3 to 5 students supervised by a teacher and a professional tutor. At the beginning of each September, Dominique Rouanet, Director of Studies, organizes a Tutored Project Forum. The companies present their projects in turn, then interviews are organized. The competition was tough between the teams, as the projects proposed were so interesting!

The partner companies proposed these missions and selected their teams among the 50 students of the year: Cook Sound Festival (communication and partnership research), Secours Populaire (internal and external communication), Pasta Durace (reflection on packaging), City of Digne (organization of sports events), SYDEVOM (video creation), Maison des jeunes (organization of a youth day), MGEN (organization of a cooperative hackathon), Dignamick (CSR communication for Dignan merchants) AGRIBIO (database update and contact management), Ecole du Sous-Sol (market study and territory diagnosis), Agglomération de Digne and Chambre des Métiers (commercial and organizational check up), Nicolosi Créations (social networks communication), Centre équestre (organization of a sport event), AFEMORA (sport meeting project), Lothantique (profitability and notoriety study of a store)...

There is no doubt that the students will be eager to fulfill their mission in a professional manner. The teaching team and all the students thank all the partners for their loyalty and their confidence.

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