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Hiking in the Gorges de Trevans

Within the framework of the sports activities proposed by Aix-Marseille University for the IUT site of Digne-les-Bains, a hike in the Gorges of Trévans was organized on Saturday, March 20, 2021 with a distance of 10 kms and a positive difference in altitude of 450 meters. Eighteen students of Biological Engineering in 1st and 2nd year in Agronomy option accompanied by their teachers, Mr. Lantelme and Mrs. Chalando shared this good sporting moment. In spite of the snow that fell on Thursday night, the very mild weather conditions (no wind, great sunshine) made the hike all the more enjoyable. Thus, they were able to discover very varied places, with many ruins and refuges. The Hameaux de Valbonnette for example, testifying of the use of the place by the shepherds and their family in summer (with a bread oven for example). During the lunch break, they enjoyed a magnificent view of the surrounding mountains from the top of the Belvedere peak. Afterwards, an origami workshop was organized in the middle of nature in order to build a diamond made of all the individual creations. Along the way, the hikers walked along the Estoublaïsse stream, and discovered a magnificent place, hidden by rocks with crystal clear water... a little piece of paradise! Always accompanied by the explanations of Mrs. Chalando, the students were able to study the ecosystem of this area and deduce from their observations that the biodiversity is rather weak for a replanted forest (restoration of the tamarisk of the mountains). The animals were shy and did not dare to point the tip of their snout. The day ended at around 4 pm, much too early for the taste of everyone who enjoyed this beautiful walk enormously. Other hikes are to be planned, conditions permitting, and once again eagerly awaited by the students and teachers.

Article written by Enola Bouvenot, 1st year student, 2020/21 communication delegate

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