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Business Game IAE Lyon: GACO students shine

Adam Lefebvre, Elliot Klieman, Lucie Freyssenet, Aubin Vaissiere, and Thomas Dupire, 2nd year students of DUT Administrative and Commercial Management of Organizations, have shone at the Business Game of IAE Lyon 2018.

They distinguished themselves during consulting events with young companies and a serious game that consists in taking control of an innovative start-up. They challenged students (most of whom are in Master) to take the leadership of fictitious markets.

They got an honorable 5th place out of 25 teams. It was an unexpected but not undeservedly successful weekend for the youngest members of the competition. It is the first time that students of the IUT register to this event of their own initiative, encouraged by Tristan Mouz, ALUMNI GACO DIGNE. Congratulations to all!

Article written by Thomas Dupire, GACO 2

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