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Assembly of GACO department heads in Digne


The GACO department heads met from June 8 to 10, 2022 in Digne and Monclar on the occasion of their annual meeting invited by Béatrice Chauvin, head of the GACO DIGNE department, and her team. These working days were devoted to two themes: the pedagogical aspects of the training (implementation of the first year of the University Bachelor of Technology (BUT), exchange of experiences on the SAE and resources), and sustainable development (initiation to the Fresco on the climate with the objective of a restitution to the students).

The BUT GACO courses are oriented towards social and environmental responsibility (CSR) issues and sustainable development in the business world. The Digne site of the Aix-Marseille IUT has made a specialty of these themes. It is therefore quite natural that the GACO 2022 CDA in Digne was placed under the sign of sustainable development!

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