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36H Chrono of the creation of company: students DUT GACO DIGNE winners thanks to Willy

Manuel Labbé and Guillaume Larcher, 2nd year students from the class of 2016-2018, won the 36H Chrono de la création d'entreprise de Bronze in mixed team in the Project category.

With two L3 engineering school students, the budding creators imagined that Willy, their real-time digital audio transcription software, would become the ideal companion for note-taking. This software allows for real-time transcription of speech while isolating background noise and writing on visual presentations.

Every year, students in the DUT in Administrative and Commercial Management of Companies take part in the 36-hour business creation game organized by the SUIO of Aix-Marseille University and the Pôle Pépite PACA. All students from all levels of the University are allowed to participate. This year 63 teams were competing. Congratulations to all!

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