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Anciennement DU Prévention et Gestion des risques liés à l'hygiène (PGRH)

  • 147 hoursof training over 21 days
  • Frequency: 1 to 4 days per month
  • Cost of the complete training: 5619 €.
  • Cost per module : 300 € / day
  • Location: La Ciotat
  • Number of students: 12

This University Diploma aims to :

  • to train professionals in the tools and concepts of hospital hygiene, to enable them to coordinate and animate all infection surveillance and control programs,
  • to expose the consequences of professional hygiene risks on the health of staff and beneficiaries (patients)
  • propose adapted prevention strategies and participate in epidemic control and their evaluation,
  • Understand the prevention of HCAI (Healthcare Associated Infections), the IPAQSS indicators, GREHH audit, DARI and the stakes of certification,
  • to encourage decompartmentalization between the different actors of the system: to privilege teamwork in hygiene.
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  • How are the studies organized?

    Two entry options are offered: registration by training module or completion of the entire diploma course.

    This interactive DU allows for indoor work and field experimentation, in which the participants will most often be actors, is based on personalized support via an individual action plan, and mixes theory and practice:

    • Analysis of professional practices, exercises, role playing...
    • Exchanges and sharing of experiences.

    The teaching team is composed of academics and professionals (practitioner, quality specialist, hygienist...) all from the health and medico-social sector in the field of hygiene and risk prevention.

  • What subjects are taught?

    This DU is structured around 8 modules of continuing professional education (hereafter referred to as "Teaching Units"), organized at a rate of 1 to 4 days per month.

    Each module (UE) can be followed outside of the annual training and then be capitalized to validate the D.U. over a maximum period of 2 years.

    • Module 1: Regulatory fundamentals in hygiene and risk management (3.5 days - 24.5 hours)
    • Module 2: Prevention of risks associated with care: standard and complementary precautions (3 days - 21h)
    • Module 3: Prevention of risks associated with the environment (4 days - 28 hours)
    • Module 4: Quality approach, control and audit (3 days - 21h)
    • Module 5: Risk management and safety at work (2 days - 14 hours)
    • Module 6: Infectious risk management (3 days - 21h)
    • Module 7: Management, Quality of Life at Work and Prevention of Psychosocial Risks (1.5 days - 10.5 hours)
    • Module 8: Feedback (at approximately 1 month intervals) (1 day - 7 hours)


    • Assessment methods: Continuous assessment of knowledge. At the end of each module, an evaluation of skills will be carried out to capitalize the teaching units.
    • At the end of the training, a document allowing to evaluate the satisfaction of the participants will be transmitted (in the form of MCQ)

    Sanction of the diploma :

    • DU: Issuance of the diploma and certificate of achievement
    • Modular course: Certificate of competence and end of training
  • For which skills?

    See the detailed sheets by module.

This training is intended for professionals wishing to improve their skills in the performance of their duties.

Profile of the candidates

All medical (doctors, pharmacists) and paramedical (health executives, specialized or non-specialized nurses, hygiene referents, etc.) health professionals or any person involved in the prevention and management of infectious risks. Candidates must have at least two years of higher education, with experience in the field, either through missions in the field of hygiene or risk prevention in the health sector.

How to apply?

On application.


Address : Avenue Maurice Sandral - 13600 La Ciotat

Les détails des 8 modules de formation sont communiqués sur demande.


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