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  • Training of 400 hours over 16 weeks from October to February
  • Cost of the complete training 4000 €.
  • Duration : one or two years
  • Location: Marseille, Saint-Jérôme site
  • Internship: 21 weeks in radiotherapy
  • Number of students: 12

This University Diploma is open to the professional retraining of radio manipulators assigned to radiotherapy for at least two years and to the lifelong training of dosimetrists.

"In the particular context of waiting for the opening of the State Diploma in Dosimetry, Aix-Marseille University has chosen to keep its University Diploma open. The program, entirely dedicated to the core business of Dosimetrists, conforms to the two years of work carried out under the aegis of the DGOS with the SFPM, the SFRO, the INCA, the ASN, the representatives of the MERMs, the dosimetrists, and the two ministries:When the ED is published, compatibility with the DU will thus be facilitated.Short courses and continuing professional development modules in Dosimetry will soon be available to cover the training needs of current professionals.

Dr Laetitia Padovani, Radiation Oncologist

Valérie Kazarian, Training Manager."

DU Dosimétrie
  • How are the studies organized?

    The training lasts 400 hours, spread over 4 months from October to February, followed by 21 weeks of internship in radiotherapy. It can be spread over two years.

    The teaching is partially shared with the MTB Professional License (put the link pacôme) of the site of Marseille Saint-Jérôme. Specialty courses are given in the departments of the Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Marseille and in the radiotherapy departments that are partners in the program.

    TOEIC certification is offered to all students.

  • What subjects are taught?

    Courses partially shared with the LPro "Health professions: technologies" - "Biomedical Maintenance and Technology".

    UE1 - Methodology (75h)

    M11 - Technical English - TOEIC preparation

    M12 - Scientific communication

    M13 - Applied mathematics - statistics

    M14 - Metrology

    UE2 - Radiotherapy (84h)

    M21 - Radiobiology - oncology

    M22 - Radioanatomy

    M23 - Nuclear physics

    M24 - Radiotherapy - brachytherapy - internal vectorized radiotherapy

    UE3 - Imaging systems and networks technology (87h)

    M311 - Database - computer networks

    M312 - Image processing

    M313 - Medical Imaging

    UE4 - Dosimetry (92h)


    UE5 - Quality and Risk Management (62h)

    M331 - Quality Control

    M332 - Radioprotection of patients

    UE6 - Professional practice (21 weeks internship)

    In a dosimetrist position in a radiotherapy department.

  • For which skills?

    Competencies required to practice as a dosimetrist

Dosimetrist in a radiotherapy department.

ROME codes:

  • I1503 : Intervention in harmful environments and products
  • J1306 : Medical Imaging
  • H1502 : Management and Industrial Quality Engineering

Profile of the candidates

This diploma is available in continuing education and is intended for the following health professionals

  • Radiographers
  • Dosimetrists

How to apply?

Log on to the e-candidat portal from February 28.



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