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  • Selective training : 1 year at L3 level - 60 ECTS
  • Cost of the training :
    • Alternating apprenticeship contract: exemption for the student
    • Alternating work-study contract: exemption for the student
    • Continuing education: contact the training manager
  • Location: Marseille, Saint-Jérôme site
  • Professionalization: Work-study program - Company partnerships
  • Graduates' network
  • Number of students: X

This bachelor of sciences allows opticians who have graduated from the BTS Opticien Lunetier to increase their skills in eye examination (refraction), contactology and low vision in order to develop their paramedical activity in visual health.

  • Professional applications

    The purpose of the tutored project is to deepen the knowledge of one or more disciplines in the course. It takes the form of collective research in pairs or groups of three leading to the writing of a thesis and an oral presentation.

    The 12-week internship in a professional environment involves the writing of a dissertation and an oral presentation. The internship sites considered are optical stores equipped with refraction and/or contact lens adaptation equipment as well as ophthalmology practices, clinics or services.

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Applications must be made before July 5, 2024 by following the online E-candidat procedure which will open in March 2024.


Address : 142 traverse Charles Susini - 13013 Marseille

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