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Professional degree in Health Professions: Technologies, # Biomedical Maintenance and Technology (MTB)

  • Selective training : 1 year at L3 level - 60 ECTS
  • Cost of the training :
    • Alternating apprenticeship contract: exemption for the student
    • Alternating work-study contract: exemption for the student
    • Continuing education: contact the training manager
  • Location: Marseille, Saint-Jérôme site
  • Professionalization: Work-study program - Company partnerships
  • Graduates' network
  • Number of students: 15

This professional degree in the health sector of Aix Marseille University, unique in the South-East of France, covers all sectors of biomedical research: quality control, metrological maintenance, hospital computer networks, medical informatics, monitoring, analyses, sterilisation, dialysis, ventilation, biomedical, all medical imaging modalities, radiotherapy and nuclear medicine.

The LP is supported by the Syndicat National de l'Industrie des Technologies Médicales (SNITEM), and the Pôle de compé OPTITEC

The training is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

  • How are the studies organized?

    The LP is open for apprenticeship at the CFA Epure Méditerran&e under the number 25033121T.

    The alternation is monthly, organized from September 1 to August 31 around school holidays and a long period in the company from the end of March to the end of August.

    Registration is also possible:

    • in Continuing Education (full time or alternating work-study contracts),

    • in the form of a professional training contract.

    • in VAE.

    Registration for initial training is exceptional.

    Results of the Quality surveys (97% response rate):

    The rate of response to the Quality surveys is

    Learner success and satisfaction rates: 94%

    Company satisfaction rate: 93%

    Direct professional integration rate  6 months (average over 8 years) : 78%

  • Certifications
    • cisco certification
  • Skills

    • General skills: interactions with care teams, drafting of activity and procedure reports, participation in calls for tender, use of technical documentation and follow-up of training in English. Possibly international mobility.
    • produce, install, manage the after-sales service of all types of Medical Devices of Analysis, Suppl.
    • install, manage the after-sales service, carry out the Quality Control of Medical Devices for medical imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy: all imaging and treatment modalities,
    • cross-cutting competence : using hospital computer networks.
  • Materials

  • Trades

  • Further studies


Recruitment is based on a portfolio and a motivation interview among holders of:

    • DUT Mesures Physiques,
    • BTS Physical Techniques for Industry and the Laboratory,
    • BTS Physics for Industry and the Laboratory,
    • BTS Physics for Industry and the Laboratory
    • BTS Génie Optique,

The average number of students is about fifteen.

Applications are made from the end of February on the e-candidate portal.


Address : 142 traverse Charles Susini - 13013 Marseille


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