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  • Selective training 1 year level L3 - 60 ECTS
  • Cost of the training :
    • Initial training: 170 €.
    • Continuing education: 7425 €.
  • Location : Tallard POLYAERO, Hautes-Alpes
  • Professionalization: Work-study - Partnerships with companies
  • Graduates' network
  • Number of students: 50

*2021 fee for initial training. Exemption for scholarship holders and work-study students

This degree aims to provide and consolidate skills in the mastery and development of aeronautical techniques in connection with the professions of aeronautical maintenance and support functions. The program offers aeronautical technology training in project management, process and cost optimization, continuing airworthiness, safety, and English language skills.

Five courses are offered:

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aeronautical and Space Systems (Only available to students of the École de l'Air)
  • Air Navigation Piloting
  • Aeronautical Maintenance (PART 66C certification)
  • Aircraft technology (PART 66C certification)

The training is in partnership with the association HANVOL to accompany disabled people towards aeronautical diplomas.

  • How are the studies organized?

    The professional degree is available in initial training, by alternation (apprenticeship or professionalization contract), in VAE and in continuing education. The theoretical courses take place at POLYAERO Hautes-Alpes in Gap-Tallard during three periods: October / November - February / March - June / July. The teaching team is made up of lecturers from Aix Marseille University, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, the Air Force Officers' School, and many professionals from the French aeronautical industry such as Air France KLM, AIRBUS, AIRBUS HELICOPTERS, DASSAULT Aviation, APSYS, STH RTE, OSAC,...

  • Professional applications

    For the initial training, a 26-week internship is planned between January and February and then from the end of June.

  • Certifications
    • TOEIC
    • CAEA (Certificate of Aptitude for Aeronautical Education)
    • PART 66C certification for the "Aeronautical Maintenance" and "Aircraft Technology" courses
  • Skills

    At the end of this professional degree, graduates will be competent to :

    • Know the nature and operation of aircraft, engines or equipment, from design to dismantling
    • Integrate the concepts of aeronautical engineering in order to contribute to their implementation
    • Use the regulatory documentation of the manufacturer, the operator and the aeronautical authorities
    • Analyze and apply the specifications and determine the necessary improvement and reliability actions according to the technology, the regulatory documentation and the quality, cost and deadline criteria
    • Plan and manage production orders and supplies while respecting the objectives of deadlines and costs and using computer-assisted management software
    • Analyze, synthesize, forecast internal and external needs and be reactive to their evolution
    • Work in a team and interact with professional actors and partners
    • Communicate in French and English
  • Materials

  • Trades

    This professional degree allows access to the following jobs related to the management of aeronautical maintenance in aircraft manufacturers, airline operators, MROs and engine manufacturers:

    • Maintenance analyst for technical writing
    • Assistance and technical customer support
    • Methods Preparer Technician
    • Aircraft maintenance team leader
    • Senior technician in studies, research and development
    • Senior technician in management and production engineering
    • Senior technician in management and engineering of aeronautical industrial maintenance
  • Further studies

    The professional license is a degree for direct professional integration; in exceptional cases, further studies may be considered (contact the course director for more information).


Recruitment based on application and interview for apprenticeship and continuing education

Interviews take place at the IUT Aix en Provence site between mid-May and early September.

Application from the end of February, on the e-candidat portal.

Profile of the candidates

Holders of a Bac+2 in the technical, technological or industrial sectors or equivalent level recognized by the Commission for the Validation of Acquired Skills:

  • BUT/DUT Mechanical and Production Engineering, Physical Measurements, Thermal and Energy Engineering, Industrial Maintenance, Electrical Engineering, GE2I...
  • BTS with a technological or industrial focus: Aeronautics, Industrial Maintenance, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, CPI, Assistant Engineer, etc.
  • L2 STPI, DEUST, CPGE on the advice of a special commission
  • VAE, VAP

The "Aeronautical and Space Systems" course is reserved for students of the École de l'Air.

Licence Pro AERO : the training presented by its students !


Address : POLYAERO Hautes-Alpes, Aérocamp - 05130 Tallard


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Director of Training
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Directrice des études
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Pedagogical secretary


  • Visit to the Polyaero Hautes-Alpes site

    Visit to the Polyaero Hautes-Alpes site

    The President of the Hautes-Alpes Departmental Council, Mr. Jean Marie BERNARD, and the management of the IUT visiting the POLYAERO site in Tallard.

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