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The tutored project "Shared gardens" awarded at the "DD en Trans'disciplinarité" competition

The tutored project "Shared Gardens" was awarded in the "playlet" category in the "DD en TRANS'disciplinarité" competition organized by the Vice Presidency of Aix-Marseille University for Sustainable Development, during a presentation day in Marseille Saint-Charles on April 21, 2016. The students of the 1st year group of DUT Carrières Sociale promotion 2015/2017 wrote and performed a skit to take up one of the themes of their work, namely: to make people discover the shared gardens, and share with everyone, the benefits both social, economic and environmental of such a project. They also presented a video that was the result of extensive work with various actors and specialists in shared gardens. The final objective of this tutored project is to encourage local authorities in the Bouches du Rhône, and even in neighboring departments, to develop shared gardens, or even urban vegetable gardens.

Initially, a territorial diagnosis was undertaken (map of shared gardens and urban vegetable gardens), with a collection of experiences on a few gardens, in order to identify the methods of implementation (geographical, legal, etc.). Then, in the second year of the DUT, the students will propose ways to promote these gardens and vegetable gardens, for use by local authorities. Finally, the students will implement this promotion and will be the vectors of transmission of the conditions of realization of the shared gardens and possibly of the urban vegetable gardens.

The skit features students eating industrial food, while a student arrives with vegetables that she has grown in a shared garden. She briefly explains her approach and gives the floor to "Super Gardener" who gives details about shared gardens, their history, their emergence and the benefits for everyone, including society. The students, not very convinced at first, end up gardening at the end. A "happy ending" that allows us to envision a better future for the generations to come.

Follow the students on the facebook page "promotion of shared gardens".

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