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The Dignois at UWS Glasgow

News from Laurine Bressy and her fellow DUETI students from Digne at UWS in Glasgow: we are currently living our best life in Scotland. In two months, we have had time to travel and enjoy the beauty of the Scottish landscape. We have met many new people with whom we often share our evenings. We all live within minutes of each other. As for me, I am in a different residence from the others and I am lucky enough to have a great roommate! I live with a Scottish guy, a Thai guy, a Belgian guy, a Portuguese girl and a Polish girl and we all get along very well. This allows me to discover new cultures and to speak English every day as I wanted to. The courses are also very good, we don't have any particular difficulties to follow them or to understand the teachers. We don't have many hours per week but we still have a lot of personal work. We try to combine work and pleasure as much as possible!

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