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Invest in the future with the Apprenticeship Tax

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The apprenticeship tax is a major issue and an essential resource for financing our teaching resources. It is directly allocated to improving the study conditions and working environment of our students.

The apprenticeship tax allows our courses to

  • to equip themselves with innovative teaching materials,
  • to maintain a high technological level,
  • to integrate the most up-to-date management and communication tools,
  • to maintain a high level of documentation,
  • to enrich our teaching by involving professionals.

Les nouveautés du versement du solde de la taxe d'apprentissage pour 2023 !

Dès aujourd'hui


vos intentions de versement en complétant le formulaire



Du 25 mai au 9 novembre 2023


à l'IUT d'Aix Marseille, via la plateforme SOLTéA, votre taxe d'apprentissage

Code UAI : 0134061U

Codes RNCP Formations IUT 2022 (BUT+LP)

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